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Introducing Keto Bread

3 Net Carbs. 45 Calories. 8g Fiber. 8g Protein. Say hello to sandwiches again.

Keto Bread: Delicious Taste, 3 Net Carbs

Giuliano’s Bakery making amazing tasting baked goods with all natural ingredients for 70 years.

Giuliano’s Keto Bread

Neighborhood bakery taste. Low net carbs.


Low carb bread that is Keto-Friendly and tastes delicious.

Delicious low carb bread made from simple, whole ingredients. All of the flavor, without compromise. Giuliano’s Keto Bread is the bread Keto followers have been waiting for.

High Fiber + Low Carbs

Net Carbs

Delivered Fresh

Kind words from happy customers:

“My mom and dad started keto 4/5 months ago, and they have had the worst time giving up bread. One day while I was driving home from work, I saw one of your delivery trucks driving through yucca valley CA and it said KETO on the back. I followed the truck till I could fully read it and ordered that day. The first night it came they had keto pb&js at midnight and called me so happy. Thank you so much for offering keto options!"


“Great tasting keto bakery items. Personally, I enjoy the dinner rolls the most. My 15yr son, after taking one bite, he literally said, "This is keto? It's freaking good!"


“I’ve tried numerous low carb/keto breads over the last 4 years and this is by far the best. Texture is great. It’s soft without an odd chew. It toasts perfectly. The flavor reminds me of a very light sourdough. Couldn’t be happier. Buns, rolls and breadsticks are equally as tasty as the sliced bread. I gave it to my bread eaters and they did not know it was low carb. Thanks again for a great product.”